Pharmaceutical Counting machines for tablets capsules dragees, WeighFillers, Checkweighers

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Counting Machine + CheckWeigher TC 8210

Tara - Gross Application

Every single container is weighed before and after filling. A star wheel transports the container over two load cells to check the tare and gross weight. Invalid containers are rejected.

Some of the features of the integrated Counting Machine are:-
    - Multi processor control
    - Memory to store 1000 application programs
    - Operator interface via color touch screen display
    - High performance weighing cells
    - Eeasy and quickly changeable parts
    - Eeasy and quick integration in existing production lines

Output; up to 80 pc. / min.

    - automatic container delivery
    -Twin version
    - reject with confirmation sensor
    - Complete production lines with unscrambling table,
      bottle unscrambler, bottle air cleaner, capping machine,
      labeling applicators, etc.
    - In order to enhance quality control procedures,
      automatic report generations, and communication
     with optional supervisory computer system ( SCADA ),
     are available.

Technical Data:

Product:- Tablets, Dragees, Hard Capsules, Soft Capsules , powders, granulates
Power Supply:- 230 VAC, 0,5 kW
Compressed Air:- 6 bar
Control System:- High Speed MicroController
Operator Interface:- Touch Screen Panel


Pharmaceutical Counting machines for tablets capsules dragees, WeighFillers, Checkweighers

Counting Machine with integrated double CheckWeigher for filling Tablets, Capsules, Dragees, powders, granulates

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